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Seborrheic Dermatitis MustWatch

Hey guys this is quot;Joy The Designerquot; I’m here to give you an important message Please dont mind the messy room. Its really messy .so if you have diabetes and your hair is flaking your scalp is flaking don’t ignore it like I did I’m kinda choking up cuz its seborrheic dermatitis and soon it will get worse and worse until it comes to your forehead then you get like me on this.

Skin will start peeling over here, on your forehead and behind your ears. it gets crazy, so soon as your hair starts flaking and if you’re diabetic This is very common on people with diabetes. we don’t know why but it just is so just be careful . So one tips I can give you is. either get selsun blue shampoo or. this it’s basically the same thing but Family Dollar generic brand and just get it and use it.

Like once a week untill it goes away. contain it as fast as possible. before it spreads out. also on more thing: don’t use in harsh products on your face dont use any acid soap or any skin lightening products or any are harsh cleansing soap Neutrogena and all that kind of stuff. always into sensitive products okay because, you have diabetes so you are gonna have a lot of problems alright thank you guys for watching. Make sure you follow everyrthing I Told You.

Because I’m not kidding. This shits gonna get worse. And this, the told me this is now permanent the marks on my face are now fucking permanent. So I should have gone to the way before now peace.

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