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Ever struggled to revive repair dry or cracked skin Do you battle with sensitive or irritated skin Well, meet Vitamins, successfully introduced a unique moisturizer for dry skin treatmentbo set including Moroccan Argan Oil body lotion and Argan body Oil for skin treatment to calm, revive, nourish and renew your skin.

DIY Body Butter for Dry Skin w HeyFranHey

What’s up, beautiful people It is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in your building! And I have a special guest! The beautiful, the wonderful, HeyFranHey! FRAN Hi, beautiful ones! MAYA For those of you that don’t know who she is, this beautiful woman has a popular blog and a youTube channel. Check it out, link in description box.

But you’re known for. FRAN I am known for being sort of like a kitchen beautician. MAYA Oh! Kitchen beautician! That should be your tag! FRAN That’s kind of cute, right! But I basically can teach you how to whip up everything you need, from lotions, hair conditioners, to deodorant, straight from your kitchen, straight from your pantry for affordable prices obviously easily accessible right in your kitchen.

MAYA And I watch her tutorials and I’m like, ”can you just sell this stuff Because I don’t have time.” FRAN Right! That’s Maya’sment all the time! ”Can you just make it for me!” MAYA I don’t have time. But it’s winter and my skin is super dry. And I actually do want to make a shea butter. FRAN Let’s make it! MAYA Let’s make it.

MAYA So break it down, what’s all this FRAN So now that we have our butters that we’ve decided on becaue Maya wanted it to be super strong. MAYA There’s like, a bunch ofshe has a bunch of butters. She has mango butter, aloe vera butter, and shea butter, but I just like the shea. FRAN Yeah, and cocoa butter. Really, there’s so many butters you can choose from. But Maya specifically said ”I want it to be shea based.” MAYA Shameless shea butter! FRAN And then when I told her about the aloe, how the aloe makes sure that everything is tied in together, she wanted to throw in for that double punch.

So that’s why we’re using our 2 butters. She wanted it really creamy too. MAYA I want creamy, because I’m really ashy. FRAN And you know, if you want it really creamy, then you add more butter. If you want it more whipped and kind of soft then you add more of the oils. So it’s up to you to kind of customize it, but Maya said she wanted it thick so we’re going to go with the shea butter and the aloe. Now for the moisturizing oils which is actually what’s going to go into your skin and get rid of the ash and make sure that it’s giving you the soft skin.

You have choices you can do coconut oil, you can do avocado oil, you can do olive oil, argan oil. We decided to do coconut oil because that’s Maya’s favorite. MAYA That’s Jackie’s. FRAN Yeah, this is actually Jackie’s jar. Adding the coconut oil to our butters and then jojoba oil is the oil that is closest to our natural oil. It kind of matches it.

So if you have eczema or any kind of skin ailment, this will kind of replenish anything that’s missing. So this gets you soft, and this heals your skin from the inside out. Then you have to decideoh wait! Actually no, not yet. I ot, then we have vitamin e. Vitamin e how many of you have issues with stretch marks, or like I metioned the eczema, or justpeople get dry patches and rashes MAYA I do actually, I have some. FRAN Yeah, discoloration.

FRAN There’s so many different ailments that peoplewell, that all of us suffer from. The vitamin e is a regenerator it will make sure that all of that will start healing from the inside out as well. So that,bined with the jojoba, tag team, beautiful skin, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Now you have to decide how you want it to smell. So this part is really up to you it’s not necessary to pick what we’re picking. Maya wanted something kind of warm and vanillaish.

MAYA I picked vanilla, and then I got this stuff. It’s jasmine, rose, and seederwood. FRAN Yeah, I told her it smells like my grandma, but she likes it. Now we are going to throw all of it into our Ninja. Yeah, let’s blend the shea first. MAYA This is so funny. I feel like I’m on some sort of talk show.

FRAN We’re on the Oprah show! MAYA Oh! Shameless is a show girl! FRAN And then we are going to use a cup of aloe butter. MAYA I can imagine all these little kiddies watching your tutorials in their kitchens. FRAN Like, making stuff! Alright, so now let’s put in our moisturizing oils. We’re going to put in 14 cup of each oil.

Want to do the honors and add that MAYA This is why I can’t be serious when I’m cooking in the kichen! Chef Shameless! MAYA And then I got some cinnamon, because. That’s going to add like, some texture! She’s not with it. I change it up on them.

FRAN Shameless DIY, I get it! MAYA She don’t know about this cinnamon! Look at that! It looks so cute! FRAN It’s like, bubbling! Nice and creamy, look at that! MAYA It will harden.

FRAN Yeah, it will harden. I mean it always does. I’m going to take some. MAYA I want to eat it. But she said I would get indigestion. FRAN It smells so good! MAYA That’s it! That was really fast and fun! I think this is like, a good thing to do with friends. FRAN And I love that Maya added the cinnamon because it added these cute little specks. It’s really cute! MAYA Looks like a chai latte.

Winter ready! FRAN And it’s all clean. MAYA All natural. And made in my own home. FRAN And made in your own home, so you know what went in it, you know who handled it. And one last tip it’s nice to store it in glass, because a lot of the plastic jars and stuff are usually made with chemicals.

And because your butter’s sitting in it you don’t know what’s seeping into the butter. You know, buy these mason jars I actually bought a box of 12 mason jars. A box of 12, and I think I paid $10. MAYA From where, Amazon FRAN From Amazon! Yeah, it’s so cheap, it’s like a dollar each, really.

MAYA That is it! Thank you! FRAN Of course! MAYA Yay! Everyone go check out HeyFranHey her channel is in the link in the description box. And she also has a tutorial, a detailed tutorial. FRAN Right, if you want to know morermation on each ingredient and exactly what it does, then.

MAYA It’s not shameless, though. That’s it, guys! Make sure you like,ment, subscribeoh, I always like to ask questions. Are you guys doing any DIYs FRAN Or let us know what your favorite recipes are, if you make your own body butter. Let’s kind of swap recipes in thements. MAYA Remember to do you, be you, and stay true.

How to Care for Dry Skin Using a Sponge to Apply Lotions Moisturizers to Face

Hi! My name is Yvettte Parrish and thank you for visiting expertvillage. I am here at Cynergy Dance Studio in San Antonio, Texas. What I am going to do is prep her skin a little bit and I am using kind of like a gel based and this is going to help make everything go on smoother, last longer. You can use a moisturizer. This is called Dr. Feel Good from Benefit Cosmetics. I really like how it applies. Ites with a sponge so you don’t have to use your fingers for this but it feels good on the skin. Now I will apply it all over. I know it looks invisible but it will make the foundation go on really smooth and pretty. Everyone has flaws and blemishes on their face. How you cover it and how much product you use is what makes it look different. It makes you look from professional to make you look sloppy with makeup application.

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Capriclear Natural Soothing Oil My name is Marianne Capote. I’ve been using Capriclear for three and a half years. Capriclear is used by my son who has atopic dermatitis. My son has used other products in the past. That doesn’t give him that sticky feeling that other products have caused him to feel. Capriclear is a product that once you apply it to the dry skin, it absorbs into the skin and feels very silky. My son has been using the product for about three, three and a half years. Constantly his skin gets very itchy, very dry. So he, actually now that he’s older he is applying it alone and he looks for it every time he takes a shower. The product is a wonderful product. I would rmend the product to anyone that has dry skin. It’s great for after the showers. It moistens.

Skin Tight Body Fimring Lotion for Saggy Skin

Hey guys a product from skinpletely in love with this product so I want to show you first of all that will help you achieve a nice and firm so you guys are probally wondering what body parts can you when you think of a it can be used to many body parts areas where alot of us can have issues with that area.

and those areas are my buttocks and the back of my thighs. Just because those are the 2 areas where us females tend to see a lot of loose skin sagging throughout the year me personally I’m trying to be a little pro active.

Although I don’t mind a little more tight ness behind my thighs And other areas we can also use it in order this cream is not only for people that want to be pro active on the back of the thighs.

or you lost a lot of weight all of a sudden our skin does stop producing Comes in in order to help your skin produce what it’s not producing.

set factors that might be causing the sagging and lose skin some of the results that you can expect are tight and firm skin, so it will get rid of any loose or sagging skin that you might have.

It will rejuvenate your skin add moisture to your skin other lotions that were used to using on a daily basis.

and one of the reasons why we’ll do that will also add collagen also helps smooth your skin to promote a healthy skin all over your body.

first of all this product contains and improved essity it also contains oil. And the oil is going to help with the moisture that our body needs.

nice firm and tight. This lotion also contains rich Omegaplex, which is going to help with renewed skin cell development. So very quickly I just want to go ahead and show that all of you have I have incorporated this Where lotion every time after I’m out of the shower because that’s when End up with force and you are allowing tightness twice a day.

If you want to use it more then twice a day, you can go ahead and do that. I use it twice a day, I like to do it after I shower. And I either do it in the mornings or at night. So the second time when I use it, it depends on whether, you know, when I find time throughout the day to do it.

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