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Hey, everyone. It’s Rosie from R. Pierce Makeup. This week’s tutorial is going to be showing you some products for dry skin. I have dry skin and there aren’t many tutorials out there catered for those with dry skin. music There are so many people out there with dry skin and so many tutorials about oily skin, so I’ve picked out some of my favorite products in skincare and makeup. So I’ll start with a cleanser, and this is the Garnier, now I don’t know how to say it, Micellar Cleansing Water. Really similar to the Bioderma. L’Oreal do one as well, but you get more for your money with the Garnier one. And it looks like water, it feels like water on your skin, and just put it on a cotton pad and it removes your makeup really well. I would suggest doing it once with a cotton pad to get you makeup off and going over again just to get everything off. Because it is for sensitive skin, it’s not harsh on your skin, but it also means that it’s not quite as quick to take your makeup off as other things. Just a little tip though, if you do have dry skin, stay away from face wipes. I used them for year.

If you use a face wipe, your face then feels really tight. Because face wipes can be quite wet, if you cover your face in that and then leave it, your face doesn’t produce any extra oil because it feels like it’s already got the oil there, so it feels like it doesn’t need to produce any more moisture, which is why they can dry out your skin, they can be harsh on your skin, so I would just suggest moving away from the face wipes. Also, these last way longer, and you could pick up one of these for the same price as a pack of face wipes and this will last you a load longer. It says 200 uses. I’m not sure it would actually last that long but it’s a lot better than 25 face wipes. Then my ultimate favorite dry skin product in the world, and if you watch my tutorials on my channel you’ll know this because I’m always talking about it, and again it’s Garnier, Moisture Match for Dry to Very Dry Skin. It’s a really heavy moisturizer but it doesn’t take ages to soak into your skin.

It just makes my skin feel so moisturized and it’s like a relief to put it on. Now this can be pretty tricky to get a hold of if you’re not in the UK, but I’ve checked on eBay and you can get it shipped over for about the same price as you would pay for this in the UK anyway. So if you’ve got dry skin and you’re really struggling to find a good moisturizer, I’d definitely go with this. This beats any of the high end moisturizers and it’s a fraction of the price. If you are from the UK, it’s always on offer, and you can get it at supermarkets, you get it in Boots and Superdrug. Lots of people that have tried this after I rmended it agreed that it was awesome. But I always have really, really dry lips. Now it could just be because I don’t drink very often, don’t drink enough water. I never really feel thirsty. Or it could have something to do with having dry skin. I don’t know. That’s probably linked. It’s probably all linked. Anyway, so I always find the need to have a lip scrub, and these Lush ones are really good. This is a Popcorn one. I also have the Bubblegum one. The Bubblegum one I find is a little sweet, and the Popcorn one is a bit salty. So exfoliate your lips and then you can lick it off. And you can just wipe it off but I find it easier to lick it off. If you wipe it off, you tend to end up with crumbs all over your face, which is never good. They’re really affordable and they last forever, like I’ve got two Bubblegum ones and this one and I’m not even close to finishing any of them.

This is definitely my favorite primer for dry skin and it’s the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Base. Now I think it might be called Lumi True Match or something in the States, and it’s just a luminous primer. So ites out white and it’s, like, pearlescent, and then when you rub it into your face, you look like you’re quite shimmery. Not like thick chunks of glitter, just, like, shimmery. So you put it under your foundation and your foundation just glows. It makes you look like your skin is just glowing. It’s amazing. It makes your makeup glide on and keeps your makeup on really well. This is really similar to Strobe Cream by MAC. Strobe Cream is slightly thicker than this one, but Strobe Cream is about 24 pounds in the UK and this is 10 pounds. I’ve got through quite a few tubes of this. I love this stuff, and I’ve heard people with oily skin love it as well, so it’s not just for dry skin. It’s really, really amazing. And to go with that, the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation, called True Match Lumi, I think, in the States. This is also amazing. It prefer it to the True Match because I find the original True Match can cling to dry patches. This and this together, if you’ve got dry skin, this is just a beautifulbination. These two together will just leave your skin absolutely glowing. The other foundation I’m going to mention is a higher end one and it’s the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. It’s water based, so you have to shake it up beforehand. It can be quite expensive. It is quite similar to the Revlon Nearly Naked but I much prefer this foundation to that one. It’s really, really light, so if I squirt it on my hand it’s like it’s quite runny and it runs off, but it gives a flawless, like it’s not heavy coverage but it just makes your skin look eous, and I find it really hydrating on my skin, and I just, I really, really love it. I love the finish of it, it lasts really well as well. I absolutely love it. I think it’s about 30 something pounds, so it’s quite expensive, but I’ve had mine for about a year.

Now obviously I change up my foundation all the time, but I still have quite a bit left, so I will repurchase it when I run out. I love it. Then for concealer I’ve got, like, a high end one, and what I would consider a dupe for it. The high end one is the Clarins Instant Concealer. Now I’ve not heard anyone else on YouTube ever talk about this, and the only reason I know about this is because I used to work on a Clarins counter. It’s full coverage I would say, but I find it really hydrating. Because most full coverage concealers can be quite thick, they can cake up under your eyes and look horrible and not work well for dry skin, because I have quite dry under eyes as well. This feels really moisturizing when I put it on, but it gives, like, flawless finish. 15 ml, which for a concealer is really good, and it’s about 15 pounds, so you’re really getting your money’s worth. This is going to last me so long. And then one I would say is pretty much the same is the Rimmel Match Perfection. When I put it on, it just feels the same. It’s really moisturizing, it gives good coverage. I really love it. The only thing I’d say is this is probably slightly lighter coverage than this one, but they both give the same kind of finish. It’s moisturizing. This one is about 7 pounds, so if you’re going to just try one out, definitely go for this one first. If you love it, you will definitely love the Clarins one. The Beauty Blender. Now you can get duper for this. I’ve tried loads of dupes and I don’t think any of them are worth the money apart from Real Technique’s one. Now even though it’s the most similar one I found, I still prefer my Beauty Blender, although I quite like the shape on this one. It’s quite good. Using a damp sponge is great for dry skin because you’re adding some of the moisture back into your skin. It can help your foundation stop looking cakey and gives a flawless finish, and I find it feels hydrating on my skin, so if my skin is looking super dry one day, then I’ll definitely use a damp Beauty Blender.

These are amazing and definitely worth the money. Most people with dry skin stay away from powder, and I always did until I found one that I actually liked. And I don’t particularly use powder for making myself look matte, but what I use it for is because I want my foundation to last as long as it can possibly last. Especially if I’m working throughout the day, I’m busy, I don’t want my foundation to look minging at the end if the day. So my absolute favorite one I’ve found is the Revlon Nearly Naked. If you feel it it feels like flour, and they are really finely milled so you don’t get big chunks of powder, and it never, for me anyway, clings to any dry patches. It just sets my foundation, it looks really good.

Skin Care Tips Dealing with Dry Skin and Acne

If you’re using the Proactiv Three Step System and you’re experiencing some dryness its good to, instead of using twice a day, use it just once a day let your skin get used to it. Another great thing you can incorporate is our Green Tea Moisturizer and it’s going to help balance your skin, bring moisture to it, but it’s not going to clog your pores.

Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin Facial Scrub Products

So now I’m going to show you some of the mostmonly used facial scrubs. These can be used at home or during facial treatments. This one it’s a Jehovah bead based. And if you could see it looks almost like a cleanser, but actually if you look very closely and if you feel, there are little micro beads and this is actually going to help slough off dead surface skin. Which is traditionally usually the top surface layer anyway. But by using a product like this every couple of days you’re really brightening the skin’splexion and it also helps break a build up of dirt and oil as well as blackheads.

So if someone, you know, finds that they have a lot blackheads or build up around their nose area, using a product like this every couple of days after you cleanse is really going to help break up the oils and you’ll probably over time see less and less of a build up. Another scrub that’s similar to this would be a marble, grounded marble base scrub. And again it’s a rounded sphere. Most fruit scrubs are a little bit too abrasive on the skin and they kind of abrate or leave tiny abrasions on the skin. So I tend to stay away from any fruit scrubs, because the shell is a little too rough on the skin. But if you’re using a Jehovah bead or a marble bead it’s rounded. And the product is doing the job of exfoliating without aggressively, you know, affecting the skin, making it irritated or you know etcetera. Finally a third moremonly used scrub is called a Gammage. And a Gammage actually goes on wet at first and it takes a few minutes to dry. But as it dries you use your finger tips to gently exfoliate the product. And as it is removed it kind of feels like dry eraser shavings to the client. But again that is more towards like a dehydrated skin type. Someone who is super dry who just really needs that top layer just removed.

Bedtime Beauty Routine Models Corner S01E38

Hi, my name is Tia Ward and you are tuned into my series the model’s corner. Today’s tutorial is going to be about bedtime beauty, and then things that we do before we go to bed to make sure our skin is clean, prepped, and ready to roll for the day after. music At the end of the day when Ie home and I have makeup on my face and I have been on the tube and I have city grime all in my pores, when I get home I like to cleanse and at the moment I am using the Clarins. It is in French, so I am not going to attempt to pronounce it. But it is the cleansing milk and it is forbination oily skin. It looks like this and it is a great cream. It is really light weight and I just slather it on, almost like you would do your moisturizer really. I just get right up in there. This takes off the first layer and loosens up all of your makeup and makes it a lot easier to dissolve. To remove this, I use a muslin cloth.

I am as gentle as I can be. It has just been dipped into some really warm water. Nothing too hot because you do not want to irritate your skin too much. You are trying to calm it down, rather than making it aggravated. So that is the first layer, but a trick that I would like to share with you is that I always cleanse twice because the first time never really gets the grime off. So we do that again.

I take it down to my neck as well on the second cleanse a little bit. So the next stage is the toning. Now this is the counterpart for the cleanser. I try to use the same toner and cleanser from a duo pack if I can because the ingredients are formulated to work together, and to work at their best, and to optimize each other. So this is the toning lotion with iris. It is alcohol free. Soak a cotton pad in a little bit. Again you do not need a lot, and just in swooping motions, I just swipe it all over my skin and as you can see, the cleanser does not get rid of everything. So the toner is like the second part of the step to really clean your pores and make sure that there is nothing left clogging them and I will repeat this step until there is no more product on the cotton ball so I am going to give it one more shot. We should be good after this. I will make sure that I list all of the products below in the description box as well. So for me, I like to remove my eye makeup with an oily cleanser. Now this one is from Clarins and it is the instant eye makeup remover. It has two different layers to it and you have to shake it to activate it. I unscrew the lid and I douse another cotton ball pad in it. First I would just hold it over my eyelid just to loosen up the product especially if you are wearing like a waterproof mascara. It is nice just to leave it on there to soak in so that it makes the product easier to wipe away. So again with the other eye, I would just hold it over and soak the lashes for a little while and then pull down gently so as not to aggravate my under eye skin too much. Once I have removed my eye makeup, I just go in again with a little bit more of the toner and I just remove some of the oiliness that is left over from the product. The reason why I take off my eye makeup after I take off my foundation is that I find that when I remove my mascara onto my foundation, it is harder to get the black off of the under eye skin and I do not want to pull too much. When your face ispletely clean and you have finished cleansing and toning and removing your eye makeup, the next step, for me personally, is to use an oil. Now I love this midnight recoveryplex by Kiehl’s. It is a really light weight oil formula and ites with a little pipette which you load the oil into. I put it on my hand first, a few drops. Rub it into my palms and press it into my face.

Then I take my fingertips and just give it a good rub in. The thing I like to do now is to apply something to my lips. Now I am an avid fan of Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream. It is the original lip salve and it is a skin protectant, I think, by nature. But over the years makeup artists have put them in their kit and they use them religiously for models who run around backstage with chapped lips from the cold. So that is just to keep your lips hydrated overnight. I also love Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair which is more of a serum. They call it a recoveryplex, but it is more like a serum and this alsoes with a pipette lid and I, again, put that in my palm. Just a little squeeze.

This stuff is a bit expensive so I try and be sparing with it. I have rubbed them into my palms again and I just swipe gently over the top. I always lift up from my neck with these products and in a sweeping motion outwards and upwards because you do not want to drag your skin down and help gravity along its process. Another thing I use, which is my secret weapon, is Strivectin’s advanced night repair. Now this is a retinol cream and it is like a miracle worker. It has two purposes. Firstly, it tackles signs of aging so if you are in your mid twenties and you are getting the first signs of fine lines or sort of starting to see dehydration, then this cream is incredibly good for you. I also use it because, suffering from bad skin, it has retinol in it which is a derivative of vitamin A and this really helps blemishes. It helps to even out your skin. It helps pigmentation. It is a brilliant all rounder. So I will use the tiniest amount and again just pat it into the sockets around my eyes and just rub it gently into the rest of my skin. You can get this in Space NK, which is an incredible little boutique with lots of different cool products in. So these are the products that really work for me. I love them and I alwayse back to them because they really do work. Just be aware that everyone’s skin in slightly different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. It is all about trial and error so go out and try things. If they do not work, it is not the end of the world. If you have any products or you know of any great products that would be valuable to anyone who is struggling with their skin or who just needs a great bedtime routine then feel free to leave them in thement section below. Subscribe to the channel if you like the tutorials that you have seen today and I will be back next week with another installment.

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Capriclear Natural Soothing Oil My name is Marianne Capote. I’ve been using Capriclear for three and a half years. Capriclear is used by my son who has atopic dermatitis. My son has used other products in the past. That doesn’t give him that sticky feeling that other products have caused him to feel. Capriclear is a product that once you apply it to the dry skin, it absorbs into the skin and feels very silky. My son has been using the product for about three, three and a half years. Constantly his skin gets very itchy, very dry. So he, actually now that he’s older he is applying it alone and he looks for it every time he takes a shower. The product is a wonderful product. I would rmend the product to anyone that has dry skin. It’s great for after the showers. It moistens.

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