Dry Skin Products

Hey, everyone. It’s Rosie from R. Pierce Makeup. This week’s tutorial is going to be showing you some products for dry skin. I have dry skin and there aren’t many tutorials out there catered for those with dry skin. music There are so many people out there with dry skin and so many tutorials about oily skin, so I’ve picked out some of my favorite products in skincare and makeup. So I’ll start with a cleanser, and this is the Garnier, now I don’t know how to say it, Micellar Cleansing.

Water. Really similar to the Bioderma. L’Oreal do one as well, but you get more for your money with the Garnier one. And it looks like water, it feels like water on your skin, and just put it on a cotton pad and it removes your makeup really well. I would suggest doing it once with a cotton pad to get you makeup off and going over again just to get everything off. Because it is for sensitive skin, it’s not harsh on your skin, but it also means that it’s not quite as quick to take your makeup off as other things. Just a little.

Tip though, if you do have dry skin, stay away from face wipes. I used them for year. If you use a face wipe, your face then feels really tight. Because face wipes can be quite wet, if you cover your face in that and then leave it, your face doesn’t produce any extra oil because it feels like it’s already got the oil there, so it feels like it doesn’t need to produce any more moisture, which is why they can dry out your skin, they can be harsh on your skin, so I would just suggest moving away from the face wipes. Also, these.

Last way longer, and you could pick up one of these for the same price as a pack of face wipes and this will last you a load longer. It says 200 uses. I’m not sure it would actually last that long but it’s a lot better than 25 face wipes. Then my ultimate favorite dry skin product in the world, and if you watch my tutorials on my channel you’ll know this because I’m always talking about it, and again it’s Garnier, Moisture Match for Dry to Very Dry Skin. It’s a really heavy moisturizer but it doesn’t take ages to soak into your skin.

It just makes my skin feel so moisturized and it’s like a relief to put it on. Now this can be pretty tricky to get a hold of if you’re not in the UK, but I’ve checked on eBay and you can get it shipped over for about the same price as you would pay for this in the UK anyway. So if you’ve got dry skin and you’re really struggling to find a good moisturizer, I’d definitely go with this. This beats any of the high end moisturizers and it’s a fraction.

Of the price. If you are from the UK, it’s always on offer, and you can get it at supermarkets, you get it in Boots and Superdrug. Lots of people that have tried this after I recommended it agreed that it was awesome. But I always have really, really dry lips. Now it could just be because I don’t drink very often, don’t drink enough water. I never really feel thirsty. Or it could have something to do with having dry skin. I don’t know. That’s probably linked. It’s probably all linked. Anyway, so I always find the need to have.

A lip scrub, and these Lush ones are really good. This is a Popcorn one. I also have the Bubblegum one. The Bubblegum one I find is a little sweet, and the Popcorn one is a bit salty. So exfoliate your lips and then you can lick it off. And you can just wipe it off but I find it easier to lick it off. If you wipe it off, you tend to end up with crumbs all over your face, which is never good. They’re really affordable and they last forever, like.

I’ve got two Bubblegum ones and this one and I’m not even close to finishing any of them. This is definitely my favorite primer for dry skin and it’s the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Base. Now I think it might be called Lumi True Match or something in the States, and it’s just a luminous primer. So it comes out white and it’s, like, pearlescent, and then when you rub it into your face, you look like you’re quite shimmery. Not like thick chunks of glitter, just, like, shimmery. So you put it under your foundation and your foundation.

Just glows. It makes you look like your skin is just glowing. It’s amazing. It makes your makeup glide on and keeps your makeup on really well. This is really similar to Strobe Cream by MAC. Strobe Cream is slightly thicker than this one, but Strobe Cream is about 24 pounds in the UK and this is 10 pounds. I’ve got through quite a few tubes of this. I love this stuff, and I’ve heard people with oily skin love it as well, so it’s not just for dry skin. It’s really, really amazing. And to go with that, the L’Oreal Lumi Magique.

Foundation, called True Match Lumi, I think, in the States. This is also amazing. It prefer it to the True Match because I find the original True Match can cling to dry patches. This and this together, if you’ve got dry skin, this is just a beautiful combination. These two together will just leave your skin absolutely glowing. The other foundation I’m going to mention is a higher end one and it’s the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. It’s water based, so you have to shake it up beforehand. It can be quite expensive. It is quite similar.

To the Revlon Nearly Naked but I much prefer this foundation to that one. It’s really, really light, so if I squirt it on my hand it’s like it’s quite runny and it runs off, but it gives a flawless, like it’s not heavy coverage but it just makes your skin look gorgeous, and I find it really hydrating on my skin, and I just, I really, really love it. I love the finish of it, it lasts really well as well. I absolutely love it. I think it’s about 30 something pounds, so it’s quite expensive, but I’ve had mine for about a year.

Now obviously I change up my foundation all the time, but I still have quite a bit left, so I will repurchase it when I run out. I love it. Then for concealer I’ve got, like, a high end one, and what I would consider a dupe for it. The high end one is the Clarins Instant Concealer. Now I’ve not heard anyone else on YouTube ever talk about this, and the only reason I know about this is because I used to work on a Clarins counter. It’s full coverage I would say, but I find it really hydrating. Because most full coverage concealers.

Can be quite thick, they can cake up under your eyes and look horrible and not work well for dry skin, because I have quite dry under eyes as well. This feels really moisturizing when I put it on, but it gives, like, flawless finish. 15 ml, which for a concealer is really good, and it’s about 15 pounds, so you’re really getting your money’s worth. This is going to last me so long. And then one I would say is pretty much the same is the Rimmel Match Perfection. When I put it on, it just feels the same. It’s really moisturizing,.

It gives good coverage. I really love it. The only thing I’d say is this is probably slightly lighter coverage than this one, but they both give the same kind of finish. It’s moisturizing. This one is about 7 pounds, so if you’re going to just try one out, definitely go for this one first. If you love it, you will definitely love the Clarins one. The Beauty Blender. Now you can get duper for this. I’ve tried loads of dupes and I don’t think any of them are worth the money apart from Real Technique’s one. Now even though.

It’s the most similar one I found, I still prefer my Beauty Blender, although I quite like the shape on this one. It’s quite good. Using a damp sponge is great for dry skin because you’re adding some of the moisture back into your skin. It can help your foundation stop looking cakey and gives a flawless finish, and I find it feels hydrating on my skin, so if my skin is looking super dry one day, then I’ll definitely use a damp Beauty Blender. These are amazing and definitely worth the money. Most people with dry skin stay away.

From powder, and I always did until I found one that I actually liked. And I don’t particularly use powder for making myself look matte, but what I use it for is because I want my foundation to last as long as it can possibly last. Especially if I’m working throughout the day, I’m busy, I don’t want my foundation to look minging at the end if the day. So my absolute favorite one I’ve found is the Revlon Nearly Naked. If you feel it it feels like flour, and they.

Are really finely milled so you don’t get big chunks of powder, and it never, for me anyway, clings to any dry patches. It just sets my foundation, it looks really good. I really, really love this. This is the best powder I’ve ever found for dry skin, and it’s pretty difficult to find one that doesn’t make you look powdery and dry. This one doesn’t. It just sets your foundation. It’s what I’m wearing now. I absolutely love it. That is all the products I’ve got to show you today. I do have some more dry skin tutorials on my.

Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin Facial Scrub Products

So now I’m going to show you some of the most commonly used facial scrubs. These can be used at home or during facial treatments. This one it’s a Jehovah bead based. And if you could see it looks almost like a cleanser, but actually if you look very closely and if you feel, there are little micro beads and this is actually going to help slough off dead surface skin. Which is traditionally usually the top surface layer anyway. But by using a product like this every couple of days you’re really brightening the skin’s.

Complexion and it also helps break a build up of dirt and oil as well as blackheads. So if someone, you know, finds that they have a lot blackheads or build up around their nose area, using a product like this every couple of days after you cleanse is really going to help break up the oils and you’ll probably over time see less and less of a build up. Another scrub that’s similar to this would be a marble, grounded marble base scrub. And again it’s a rounded sphere. Most fruit scrubs are a little bit too abrasive.

On the skin and they kind of abrate or leave tiny abrasions on the skin. So I tend to stay away from any fruit scrubs, because the shell is a little too rough on the skin. But if you’re using a Jehovah bead or a marble bead it’s rounded. And the product is doing the job of exfoliating without aggressively, you know, affecting the skin, making it irritated or you know etcetera. Finally a third more commonly used scrub is called a Gammage. And a Gammage actually goes on wet at first and it takes a few minutes to dry. But as it dries.

Bedtime Beauty Routine Models Corner S01E38

Hi, my name is Tia Ward and you are tuned into my series the model’s corner. Today’s tutorial is going to be about bedtime beauty, and then things that we do before we go to bed to make sure our skin is clean, prepped, and ready to roll for the day after. music At the end of the day when I come home and I have makeup on my face and I have been on the tube and I have city grime all in my pores, when I get home I like to cleanse and at the moment I am using the Clarins. It is in French,.

So I am not going to attempt to pronounce it. But it is the cleansing milk and it is for combination oily skin. It looks like this and it is a great cream. It is really light weight and I just slather it on, almost like you would do your moisturizer really. I just get right up in there. This takes off the first layer and loosens up all of your makeup and makes it a lot easier to dissolve. To remove this, I use a muslin cloth. I am as gentle as I can be.

It has just been dipped into some really warm water. Nothing too hot because you do not want to irritate your skin too much. You are trying to calm it down, rather than making it aggravated. So that is the first layer, but a trick that I would like to share with you is that I always cleanse twice because the first time never really gets the grime off. So we do that again. I take it down to my neck as well on the second cleanse a little bit. So the next stage is.

The toning. Now this is the counterpart for the cleanser. I try to use the same toner and cleanser from a duo pack if I can because the ingredients are formulated to work together, and to work at their best, and to optimize each other. So this is the toning lotion with iris. It is alcohol free. Soak a cotton pad in a little bit. Again you do not need a lot, and just in swooping motions, I just swipe it all over my skin and as you can see, the.

Cleanser does not get rid of everything. So the toner is like the second part of the step to really clean your pores and make sure that there is nothing left clogging them and I will repeat this step until there is no more product on the cotton ball so I am going to give it one more shot. We should be good after this. I will make sure that I list all of the products below in the description box as well. So for me, I like to remove my eye.

Makeup with an oily cleanser. Now this one is from Clarins and it is the instant eye makeup remover. It has two different layers to it and you have to shake it to activate it. I unscrew the lid and I douse another cotton ball pad in it. First I would just hold it over my eyelid just to loosen up the product especially if you are wearing like a waterproof mascara. It is nice just to leave it on there to soak in so that it makes the product easier to wipe away. So again with the other eye, I would just hold it over and.

Soak the lashes for a little while and then pull down gently so as not to aggravate my under eye skin too much. Once I have removed my eye makeup, I just go in again with a little bit more of the toner and I just remove some of the oiliness that is left over from the product. The reason why I take off my eye makeup after I take off my foundation is that I find that when I remove my mascara onto my foundation, it is harder to get the black.

Off of the under eye skin and I do not want to pull too much. When your face is completely clean and you have finished cleansing and toning and removing your eye makeup, the next step, for me personally, is to use an oil. Now I love this midnight recovery complex by Kiehl’s. It is a really light weight oil formula and it comes with a little pipette which you load the oil into. I put it on my hand first, a few drops. Rub it into my palms and press it into my face.

Then I take my fingertips and just give it a good rub in. The thing I like to do now is to apply something to my lips. Now I am an avid fan of Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream. It is the original lip salve and it is a skin protectant, I think, by nature. But over the years makeup artists have put them in their kit and they use them religiously for models who run around backstage with chapped lips from the cold. So that is just to keep your lips hydrated overnight. I also love Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair which.

Is more of a serum. They call it a recovery complex, but it is more like a serum and this also comes with a pipette lid and I, again, put that in my palm. Just a little squeeze. This stuff is a bit expensive so I try and be sparing with it. I have rubbed them into my palms again and I just swipe gently over the top. I always lift up from my neck with these products and in a sweeping motion outwards and upwards because you do not want to drag.

Your skin down and help gravity along its process. Another thing I use, which is my secret weapon, is Strivectin’s advanced night repair. Now this is a retinol cream and it is like a miracle worker. It has two purposes. Firstly, it tackles signs of aging so if you are in your mid twenties and you are getting the first signs of fine lines or sort of starting to see dehydration, then this cream is incredibly good for you. I also use it because, suffering from bad skin, it has retinol in it which is a derivative of vitamin A and this really.

Helps blemishes. It helps to even out your skin. It helps pigmentation. It is a brilliant all rounder. So I will use the tiniest amount and again just pat it into the sockets around my eyes and just rub it gently into the rest of my skin. You can get this in Space NK, which is an incredible little boutique with lots of different cool products in. So these are the products that really work for me. I love them and I always come back to them because they really do work. Just be aware that everyone’s skin in slightly different.

And what works for me may not necessarily work for you. It is all about trial and error so go out and try things. If they do not work, it is not the end of the world. If you have any products or you know of any great products that would be valuable to anyone who is struggling with their skin or who just needs a great bedtime routine then feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Subscribe to the channel if you like the tutorials that you.

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Capriclear Natural Soothing Oil My name is Marianne Capote. I’ve been using Capriclear for three and a half years. Capriclear is used by my son who has atopic dermatitis. My son has used other products in the past. That doesn’t give him that sticky feeling that other products have caused him to feel. Capriclear is a product that once you apply it to the dry skin, it absorbs into the skin and feels very silky. My son has been using the product for about three, three and a half years. Constantly his skin gets very itchy,.

Very dry. So he, actually now that he’s older he is applying it alone and he looks for it every time he takes a shower. The product is a wonderful product. I would recommend the product to anyone that has dry skin. It’s great for after the showers. It moistens. It dries up. It doesn’t stain clothes. It doesn’t feel sticky. It’s something that you can spray on so you don’t have to have your hands in contact with the product so it’s a nice product. Just a spray and let it dry and you’re off to do whatever you need to.

How to reduce blackheads and enlarged pores PERMANENTLY!

Hello again everyone. Today we’re going to talk about blackheads and enlarged pores and what you can do at home to reduce them permanently. Make sure you stay tuned till the end of the tutorial because I’m going to have some very easy and quick DIY clay mask recipes for the different treatments that I recommend throughout the tutorial. Now, before I get started, I know that some people may not like these sorts of solutions that I have to offer because it’s human nature to want a very quick and easy solution to a problem that you never.

Have to think about again. But unfortunately, skin doesn’t really work that way. Skin is not a static entity. It’s constantly changing and renewing itself, so you have to care for it consistently if you want it to behave the way that you want. Just like you can’t go to the gym once and expect your entire physique to change, you can’t do one skin care treatment and expect your skin to change. So the things that I have to offer focus on consistent care over the long term. When most people talk about blackheads, they may not actually be referring to comedones.

Which is the technical name for blackheads, but they may also be referring to enlarged follicles which is the technical name for pores. So when I talk about blackheads in this tutorial or enlarged follicles I’m kind of referring to both because the treatment is pretty similar. Now, the best way to reduce follicle size and blackheads is going to depend largely on your skin type, but there are certain things that are good for all skin types in this situation, including clay masks. However, the way that you use the clay mask is going.

To vary, so make sure that you listen to the instructions for your specific skin type. We’ll start with oily skin, since oily skin is most commonly associated with blackheads and enlarged follicles. Now, oily skin is prone to these problems because of its excessive oil production, but also because oily skins tend to have an above average desquamation rate and this is just a very fancy word for the process of the skin sloughing cells off naturally and these cells can accumulate inside the follicle and mix with sebum to.

Give an enlarged appearance. This can happen with all skin types, but it is most problematic for oily skins. The solution is to try to normalize the skin through use of mild products mild enough to not overdry your skin or to strip the oils, but effective enough to keep your oil under control. This means using a good cleanser and toner and a light moisturizer. In addition, I recommend the use of a salicylic treatment in the form of a toner or a leaveon treatment like a gel, which can help to break up the deposits inside the follicles to help.

Prevent excessive accumulation of skin cells and sebum. In addition, I do recommend the use of clay masks for oily skin they can be extremely beneficial. My approach is a little unconventional in this area because I am a huge fan of clay masks and what they can do. So with my clients, I’ve had great success recommending a sort of clay mask boot camp , where you use a clay mask every day for two weeks at the beginning of your treatment and then cut down to two to three times per week after that. Now, when.

I prescribe these sorts of products and treatments, I always say as tolerated , and this means do this so long as your skin is not showing any signs of irritation or dryness. If I tell you to use a clay mask five to seven days per week for two weeks, but you find after four days that your skin is starting to dry out, what I mean by as tolerated is cut back to a point where you can try to fulfill the prescription that I’ve given you while still being good to your skin. So if five days per week is too much, drop.

Down to four. If that’s too much, drop down to three, et cetera. So I recommend trying the clay mask for two entire weeks every day if you can and then cutting back to two to three times per week indefinitely until the problem has resolved itself enough for you to drop down to about once or twice a week. And always when you’re using clay masks, you want to follow it immediately with moisturizer, and if it’s during the day, you want to follow with sunscreen. For combination skin, a lot of the tips from the oily skin section will be useful, but.

You also may find that you need to use two sets of products for the different types of skin on your face. For example, if you have an oily Tzone, but your cheeks and chin are dry, you may find that you need two different moisturizers to suit the needs of the different areas of your face. What I tend to find with combination skin is that they tend to use products that are for oily skin because they want to keep their oil under control, but it’s stripping too much oil from the face, creating more problems than it solves. It.

Can create even more excessive oil production in the oily areas with excessive dryness and flakiness in the dry areas. So like with oily skin, you want to use nonirritating products, but try to find a milder cleanser instead of using an overly harsh one. What you can do instead is get a salicylic toner to use only on your oily areas and two different moisturizers to use one on the oily area and one on the dry area. Or if you find that your dry areas are not too excessively dry, what you can do is get a very light moisturizer.

For your entire face and then touch up the areas that are more dry with something like argan oil. I’m a big fan of argan oil because it seems to be very well tolerated. And even with myself, when I was having some enlarged pore issues around my cheeks, I was using argan oil with a couple of other things that I’ll talk about, and it didn’t seem to exacerbate the problem at all. So if you don’t want to buy two moisturizers, you can buy the one and use your argan oil on the areas that need it.

I do like to recommend my twoweek mask boot camp for combination skin as well, except that I only want you to apply the mask to your oily areas. So if it’s only your Tzone, only apply it to your Tzone. If it’s just, like, one area on your cheeks, only apply it there. And if it’s random areas, just apply it wherever it needs it. Only do this as tolerated , once again, so if your skin starts to show signs of dryness, cut back until it seems to normalize again, and always follow with moisturizer and sunscreen if it’s during.

The day. Salicylic acid is really the best thing, in my opinion, for helping to reduce excessive follicle size for oilier skin types, and one salicylic treatment that I really do like that gets great reviews is the Skin Perfectingthe Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2 BHA liquid. This is a salicylic toner that you can use after cleansing and as a spot treatment, and it seems to be very well tolerated and doing very well with a lot of people that I’ve recommended it to. It’s too drying for me, so I don’t use it that way, but I do like to keep it.

On hand for other reasons, including keratosis pilaris treatment you can learn about that in my keratosis pilaris tutorial. But for oilier skin types, having something like this around is definitely a very good idea. Even if your skin starts to normalize, having this around means that if you have a little bit of excess oillike, for women, our oil levels tend to fluctuate with our hormonal levelsit’s good to have something like this on hand so that if you do start to have that problem, you can start to treat it right away.

Now, for dry skins, it’s a little more complicated because salicylic can be a little too drying, which is why I don’t use those on my face because I have extremely dry skin. Since blackheads and enlarged follicles on dry skin are not necessarily connected to excessive oil production, using oilreducing treatments is not going to be the most effective thing. What I’ve found is the most effective is the consistent use of mild leaveon exfoliating treatments like AHAs and mild retinols. Two products that I’ve been enjoying are again from Paula’s.

Choice and I swear this is not sponsored I just really love their products this is the Paula’s Choice Daily Smoothing treatment with five percent alpha hydroxy acid, and this is one that I’ve been trying recently called the Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair retinol serum. I did use this for about six months before I started using this one. This is a really great one, but right now I’m really loving this one. Now, this is a very mild retinol product, and I tend to be more on the conservative side when it comes to recommending.

Retinols, especially for people under 30, because it can have the unintended side effects of inflammation and increased sun damage. I always say that you don’t want to create new problems when you’re treating a problem, so my approach, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and very strong retinol products, is a bit more conservative than average. So you take that for what it’s worth, and you can make up your own mind about it. But like I said, this a very mild retinol this is nowhere near the strength of something like.

A RetinA or a Differin, and I definitely don’t recommend using those for anything except the most extreme cases for people under 30. For people over 30, if you’re talking about antiaging, it’s a bit of a different conversation, but we’ll get into that another time. I should also note that retinols can cause some pretty dramatic redness and peeling in dryer skin types, which is why I personally haven’t been using them consistently until now. Like I said, this is a very mild one, and I haven’t had any of those sorts of undesirable side.

Effects with this one, so so far, I’m really loving it. The other tip that I have for reducing follicle size in dry skin involves very efficient cleansing, and this is why I love cleansing brushes so much, including the Clarisonic. Now, you don’t have to buy a Clarisonic. I do think this is the best one on the market. However, you can still get the same benefit from a manual cleansing brush, which usually runs around five dollars. What’s so great about them is that they’re so efficient at cleansing that.

You can switch to a much milder cleanser than you’re used to. So like me, for example, I used to use much stronger cleansers like foaming cleansers because my facewhile it isn’t particularly acneprone, or it didn’t used to be very sensitive it would get little irritationtype breakouts if I didn’t clean very, very well. So I would use cleansers that were not entirely appropriate for my dry skin type. But when I switched to using a Clarisonic which I’ve been using for about three years now, I could for the first.

Time in my lifeuse cream cleansers, which are appropriate for very dry skin. Now, like I said, I do think the Clarisonic is the best one on the market, but it is pretty expensive. So if you can’t afford it or if you don’t want to spend the money on it, you can get some of the same benefit from using a lessexpensive cleansing brush. But this is very good for all skin types, not just dry skin. If you are normal skin, if you’re combination skin or oily skin, cleansing brushes are a really great tool because they do make the most of.

The cleanser that you’re using. So to wrap up dry skin, just remember to use mild, unscented products, make sure you’re using sunscreen, and you can use clay masks as tolerated. I don’t necessarily recommend that you do the twoweekinarow clay mask, but you can use them a couple of times a week as tolerated depending on the recipe that you use. Before I move on to some very easy DIY mask recipes, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been sharing my tutorials recently. It really does mean a lot. It does help me out.

Very much. So if you’ve liked anything that I’ve had to say or if anything’s been useful, I’d really appreciate it if you would share this tutorial put it on Facebook or Tumblr or Twitter, just any way that you can to just help get my tutorials out there. One of the easiest clay mask recipes is just to get some kaolin or bentonite clay just pure clay, nothing else added to it and mix in a little bit of your unscented and alcoholfree toner. Mix them together until you get a fine paste, and then apply that.

For five to ten minutes, only until it starts to dry. You don’t want it to get uncomfortable. You don’t want it to dry completely. If it starts to feel at all uncomfortable, that’s when you rinse it off. There is no benefit to leaving it on your face so long that it starts to feel uncomfortable, and remember that discomfort equals inflammation and irritation, and that is bad. I talked about honey in my ‘DIY Ingredients to Try’ tutorial, about how it’s a great humectant and has great antibacterial and antiseptic propertiesand antiinflammatory properties,.

Which are always greatso if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can add a bit of honey to your mask. I always recommend raw honey or manuka honey if you can get it, but if not, a little bit of regular honey will work too. Just remember that raw honey is much, much better. For dry skins, you can benefit from clay masks as well. Just remember that you don’t want to be overdrying your skin, so find a toner that is very, very hydrating and moisturizing, something that is mild enough to use around the eyes, and I love this Resist Advanced.

Replenishing toner. This is absolutely my favorite product from Paula’s Choice. If I don’t use it, my skin is just a mess. I really notice a huge, huge difference if I run out of it. But any toner that you find that you like, that works really well for you and is very hydrating, you can mix in a little bit of the clay. You definitely don’t want to mix in as much as the oilier skin types are using, but you can still get the same benefit. So just mix in less of the clay and make it more of a liquidy consistency instead of a.

Thick paste. Also, if you want to thicken it up, you can add some oats to it. Oats are really great for dry skin as well. And the honey, which is a humectant. Alright, that’s pretty much all I have to say about it right now. I know that’s a lot to throw at you guys, but I think there’s some really good information in there that everyone can use. Remember that the secret to good skin care is consistency. So like I said, it doesn’t matter if you do one amazing thing for your skin every year. What matters.

Is what you do every day. So the things that I’ve talked about here are really designed to help you get in a routine of caring for your skin that will give you the results that you want. In this case, that means reducing the appearance of follicles and blackheads and preventing more from forming. So thank you all very, very much for watching, and please do share my tutorials. It really, really does make a huge difference for me. If you have any more questions that I haven’t answered, please do leave them below. Please do check out my Facebook page. I know I’ve.

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How to Care for Dry Skin AntiAging Moisturizers

Hi! My name is Yvette Parrish and thank you for visiting expertvillage. I am here at Cynergy Dance Studio in San Antonio, Texas. We are going to be talking about moisturizers for different skin types beautiful moisturizers from Avon, Lancomb, Clinique, Anew which is a nice line from Avon. You can get a face and body lotion and also put that on your face as well if you have dry skin. When you are looking for antiwrinkle moisturizers, they have a firming affect, so make sure you read the labels and see what type of ingredients.

How to Care for Dry Skin How to Choose a Moisturizing Facial Mask Based on Skin Type

Hi! My name is Yvette Parrish and thank you for visiting expervillage. I am here at Cynergy Dance Studio in San Antonio, Texas. We are going to be talking about moisturizers for different skin types. There are some wonderful masks out there that you can use and even some of your moisturizers, you can use them as a mask also. You can put a nice thick layer on your skin maybe leave it for about 5 or 7 minutes and tissue it off. There are masks that come through Avon, Presciptives, Este Lauder there are a lot of wonderful masks.

That will help. You can put it on for an hour or so and it will totally replenish your skin. Not a lot of oily skin has masks. There are some that are of a clay based and that pull the oil from the face. So there is a clay mask, that is for oil, Acne Mask, that has asalicylic acid that will actually help dry any acne that you have there is a nourishing mask and antiwrinkle mask so really kind of look at the labels and see what is good.

For your skin and make sure you get the right one. Not because it just smells good or because the price was right. Just really decide what is best for your skin and look for the masks. Masks are fun. They feel really good but it is kind of like the Cinderella affect, after midnight your skin kind of feels like how it normally feels. So don’t expect a miracle when you put a facial mask on. It is great for parties, events and you get a glow when your skin.

DIY Body Butter for Dry Skin w HeyFranHey

What’s up, beautiful people It is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in your building! And I have a special guest! The beautiful, the wonderful, HeyFranHey! FRAN Hi, beautiful ones! MAYA For those of you that don’t know who she is, this beautiful woman has a popular blog and a youTube channel. Check it out, link in description box. But you’re known for. FRAN I am known for being sort of like a kitchen beautician. MAYA Oh! Kitchen beautician! That should be your tag! FRAN That’s kind of cute, right! But I basically can teach you how to whip up everything you need, from lotions, hair conditioners, to deodorant, straight from your kitchen,.

Straight from your pantry for affordable prices obviously easily accessible right in your kitchen. MAYA And I watch her tutorials and I’m like, ”can you just sell this stuff Because I don’t have time.” FRAN Right! That’s Maya’s comment all the time! ”Can you just make it for me!” MAYA I don’t have time. But it’s winter and my skin is super dry. And I actually do want to make a shea butter. FRAN Let’s make it! MAYA Let’s make it. MAYA So break it down, what’s all this FRAN So now that we have our butters that we’ve decided on becaue Maya wanted it to be super strong.

MAYA There’s like, a bunch ofshe has a bunch of butters. She has mango butter, aloe vera butter, and shea butter, but I just like the shea. FRAN Yeah, and cocoa butter. Really, there’s so many butters you can choose from. But Maya specifically said ”I want it to be shea based.” MAYA Shameless shea butter! FRAN And then when I told her about the aloe, how the aloe makes sure that everything is tied in together, she wanted to throw in for that double punch. So that’s why we’re using our 2 butters. She wanted it really creamy too.

MAYA I want creamy, because I’m really ashy. FRAN And you know, if you want it really creamy, then you add more butter. If you want it more whipped and kind of soft then you add more of the oils. So it’s up to you to kind of customize it, but Maya said she wanted it thick so we’re going to go with the shea butter and the aloe. Now for the moisturizing oils which is actually what’s going to go into your skin and get rid of the ash and make sure that it’s giving you the soft skin.

You have choices you can do coconut oil, you can do avocado oil, you can do olive oil, argan oil. We decided to do coconut oil because that’s Maya’s favorite. MAYA That’s Jackie’s. FRAN Yeah, this is actually Jackie’s jar. Adding the coconut oil to our butters and then jojoba oil is the oil that is closest to our natural oil. It kind of matches it. So if you have eczema or any kind of skin ailment, this will kind of replenish anything that’s missing. So this gets you soft, and this heals your skin from the inside out.

Then you have to decideoh wait! Actually no, not yet. I forgot, then we have vitamin e. Vitamin e how many of you have issues with stretch marks, or like I metioned the eczema, or justpeople get dry patches and rashes MAYA I do actually, I have some. FRAN Yeah, discoloration. FRAN There’s so many different ailments that peoplewell, that all of us suffer from. The vitamin e is a regenerator it will make sure that all of that will start healing from the inside out as well. So that, combined with the jojoba, tag team, beautiful skin, it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Now you have to decide how you want it to smell. So this part is really up to you it’s not necessary to pick what we’re picking. Maya wanted something kind of warm and vanillaish. MAYA I picked vanilla, and then I got this stuff. It’s jasmine, rose, and seederwood. FRAN Yeah, I told her it smells like my grandma, but she likes it. Now we are going to throw all of it into our Ninja. Yeah, let’s blend the shea first. MAYA This is so funny. I feel like I’m on some sort of talk show.

FRAN We’re on the Oprah show! MAYA Oh! Shameless is a show girl! FRAN And then we are going to use a cup of aloe butter. MAYA I can imagine all these little kiddies watching your tutorials in their kitchens. FRAN Like, making stuff! Alright, so now let’s put in our moisturizing oils. We’re going to put in 14 cup of each oil. Want to do the honors and add that MAYA This is why I can’t be serious when I’m cooking in the kichen! Chef Shameless! MAYA And then I got some cinnamon, because.

That’s going to add like, some texture! She’s not with it. I change it up on them. FRAN Shameless DIY, I get it! MAYA She don’t know about this cinnamon! Look at that! It looks so cute! FRAN It’s like, bubbling! Nice and creamy, look at that! MAYA It will harden. FRAN Yeah, it will harden. I mean it always does. I’m going to take some. MAYA I want to eat it. But she said I would get indigestion. FRAN It smells so good! MAYA That’s it! That was really fast and fun! I think this is like, a good thing to do with friends.

FRAN And I love that Maya added the cinnamon because it added these cute little specks. It’s really cute! MAYA Looks like a chai latte. Winter ready! FRAN And it’s all clean. MAYA All natural. And made in my own home. FRAN And made in your own home, so you know what went in it, you know who handled it. And one last tip it’s nice to store it in glass, because a lot of the plastic jars and stuff are usually made with chemicals. And because your butter’s sitting in it you don’t know what’s seeping into the butter.

You know, buy these mason jars I actually bought a box of 12 mason jars. A box of 12, and I think I paid $10. MAYA From where, Amazon FRAN From Amazon! Yeah, it’s so cheap, it’s like a dollar each, really. MAYA That is it! Thank you! FRAN Of course! MAYA Yay! Everyone go check out HeyFranHey her channel is in the link in the description box. And she also has a tutorial, a detailed tutorial. FRAN Right, if you want to know more information on each ingredient and exactly what it does, then.

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