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Hello, You are here in Dr. Vikram’s clinic with your baby. What happened to your baby She was suffering from Atopic dermatitis. We came to know about it, after one month of her birth. Her skin had rashes, dryness and itching. We took treatment from here and prescribed for Neem capsules, Radiant Skin, and skin polisher. We were benefited by using them.

Was she suffering from it, right from her birth Yeah, after one month. How did youe to know about Dr. Vikram We watched his tutorial on YouTube. Since, you have given this Ayurvedic treatment to the baby and how much time it took to see the improvements After 15 days Ok, after 15 days, you observed the improvements. How is her condition now She is pretty well and improved very much.

For how many months, are you taking these medicines 4 months During taking Ayurvedic medicines, did you observe any side effects No sir You might have heard about Acute dermatitis patients, as they do have lots of problem and mainly found in children.

Now, can you explain, how Ayurvedic medicines have helped in treating and improving Acute dermatitis Sir, since before applying them, there were rashes and dryness in the skin. But as we applied these medicines, positive results started appearing within seven days After 15 days, she waspletely cured. Thereafter, we did the regular course and got good results. No side effects were seen. How old she is 7 months Were you not scared of using Ayurvedic medicines to your young baby As you baby is still on mother feed and no other diet is given as such. Some parents may think that their baby is too young.

So, you did not observe any side effects, which is a good thing. So are you continuing this treatment Yes for four months It’s a good thing. Do you have any message for other parents, whose babies are suffering from such diseases Yes, there are other drugs, which could have severe side effects. Use Ayurvedic medicines, they don’t have any side effects and results are good.

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music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and wee to DermTV. Hello, I am Dr. Neal Schultz, and wee to DermTV. The real eczema is called atopic dermatitis and we discussed that in another episode. Today, I am going to give you some at home tips on how to control and manage your atopic dermatitis. The most important symptom that people with this type of eczema have is incessant itching it drives them crazy. When you examine them, you can see scratch marks, especially in the front of the elbow and behind the knee. And the peculiar thing is while the scratching helps to relieve the itching, it makes it worse, because the more you scratch, the more you further irritate the skin, and the more irritated it gets the more it itches. So, you are essentially in an itchscratch loop, and you have got to break that loop. The best way to do it, unfortunately, is not with the oral antihistamines they really do not work very well. And if you use heat to stop the itching, while it feels wonderful for a few minutes, it causes a rebound increase in itching afterwards, so do not use hot water in a shower to stop your itching. The best way to do it is with either cold water or with menthol. With cold water or even better ice cubes, just gently run over the area it stops the itching immediately without doing any damage. Menthol and mentholated moisturizers like Sarna lotion, SAR NA, are very good because the menthol causes a cooling sensation and it fools your brain. It fools your brain into etting about the itching and all you feel is cooling, and the cooling is much less noxious. One other tip for stopping the itching is just pressure. Rather than scratching, just squeeze the area, but very tightly and firmly, and that can also stop the itching. The next issue that you have to deal with is infection because all of that scratching caused little breaks in the skin and those little breaks create little valleys where bacteria can hide, and also all the inflamed skin is all flaky and scaly and bacteria just love to use that for nutrients and to live there. Whether those bacteria are causing an actual infection, whether they are just living there and making their metabolic byproducts which themselves are irritating to your atopic skin and further causing more itching, you have to stop the bacteria. And that is easily done with overthecounter antibiotic ointments like bacitracin or Polysporin. We try not to use antibiotics topically that contain neomycin only because the neomycin sometimes causes further sensitization and itching. The next step is to deal with the actual inflammation of the rash and that is best done with just overthecounter cortisones, 0.5 or 1 percent hydrocortisone, better in an ointment vehicle than in a cream because the skin is so dry. And that brings us to the last part which is the dryness, the flakiness and scaliness. Two ways to approach that either with occlusive moisturizers like Vaseline, petrolatum, or Aquaphor or else by replacing the lost surface lipids. Lipids are fats, and in this very inflamed skin, the fats that hold these normal cells together is missing.

So, we try to use moisturizers that contain ceramides, and ceramides are lipids that need to be restored to the surface of the skin. An example of an overthecounter product containing ceramides is Atopalm, ATOPALM, available in pharmacies without a prescription. If all of these measures do not succeed in giving you some relief from your itching and from the eczema, then of course your are going to see your dermatologist who will either give you prescription strength cortisone, oral antibiotics or topical immunomodulators like Elidel or Protopic, all of which at prescription strength will surely bring your eczema under control. Please join me again at DermTv. If you have a question, please send it to me by visiting DermTvquestion. I am Dr. Neal Schultz, and thank you for watching today.

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Hi I’m Lianne and this is Aveeno’s Eczema Care. It’s your daily care for skin that has eczema. Aveeno’s patented triple oat formula soothes and moisturizes skin to help you care for your skin with eczema. The unique Aveeno formula, which was developed with the help of leading dermatologists and pediatric dermatologists,bines soothing oat essence and natural colloidal oatmeal with rich emollients to soften and soothe irritated extra dry skin.

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Hi. I’m Dr. David Hill and today we’re going to be talking about the possible relationship between eczema and soy based formula. What is eczema Eczema is an itchy, scaly, bumpy allergy of the skin that is also exacerbated by dryness or the loss of moisture and oil from the skin. Because eczema is partly due to allergies, some people are concerned that allergy causing foods, including soy protein, could make eczema worse. That may happen occasionally, but it’s not verymon. Even in children who have eczema and are on soy formula, only about four percent to five percent show a true allergy to the soy formula, meaning the other nyfive percent have eczema for some other reason. Likewise, if you take all children who are getting soy formula, only about one percent of them will end up with an allergic reaction due to the formula. That’s about one third as many as you’ll see who are taking milk protein formula. On the other hand, soy formula does not protect children from allergies the way feeding human breast milk does. It doesn’t even protect them from later developing milk protein allergies, even if they’re exposed first to the soy protein and only later to the milk protein. To review, eczema is an allergic disease of the skin exacerbated by dryness or loss of the skin oils. While soy protein can lead to a variety of allergic reactions, that’s quite rare and only accounts for about four to five percent of eczema in babies who are fed soy formula and have eczema. Soy doesn’t protect babies as well as human breast milk against developing allergic disease, and it’s not quite as allergenic as cow’s milk. Talking about soy formula and eczema, I’m Dr. David Hill.

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